Pediatric Dental Care in Woodbridge, Alexandria, and Fairfax, VA

Nova Dental Partners warmly welcomes children as young as three into our practice. By starting your child on the path to good oral health early, we can encourage healthy habits and detect small problems before they grow into big ones.

Start your child on the path to dental wellness at Nova Dental Partners!

We stop at nothing to make children feel comfortable during their visits. We make the dental office a place of fun and laughter! Your child will never be pushed into receiving treatment he or she is not ready for; rather, we take our time, explain all the steps before we do them, and stop as many times as necessary to ensure a pleasant experience. As a reward at the end of the appointment, your child can even choose from an array of prizes in our toy chest!

Your child’s oral health is a team effort. Dr. Tavakkoli and our staff welcome you to accompany your child into the clinic area at any time to ask questions and be an active part of your child’s healthcare.

Prevention is key to a lifetime of great dental health!

Children should visit our dental office every six months. This allows us the chance to monitor the effectiveness of their brushing and flossing, check for cavities and other signs of oral disease, and observe tooth development. Regular visits also help children become more comfortable with Dr. Tavakkoli and our team.

We look forward to meeting your child and helping him or her grow up with great oral health. Schedule an appointment for your little one at our Fairfax, Woodbridge or Alexandria dental offices today!