Dental Crowns in Woodbridge, Alexandria, and Fairfax, VA

A crown is necessary when there is too much tooth structure missing to hold a filling or onlay, but not so much that the tooth needs extraction. Porcelain crowns can help protect broken teeth, restore a tooth after decay is removed or root canal is performed, and improve the aesthetics of a tooth that is misshapen.

During your initial consultation at our Mount Vernon, Lake Ridge, Old Town, or King Street Station dental office, Dr. Tavakkoli will assess the condition of your tooth with an exam and X-rays, and determine if you will benefit from a crown, bridge, onlay, or extraction.

If you and Dr. Tavakkoli decide that a crown is the best option to restore your oral health, you’ll need to return to Nova Dental Partners for two appointments. The first visit is the preparation of the tooth. You will be given anesthesia to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. We will remove any existing decay, perform a root canal if necessary, and prepare the margins of the tooth to make room for the crown. We will then take an impression of your mouth and color-match the crown to the shade of your natural teeth. You’ll leave with a temporary crown to protect your tooth while your permanent crown is created in our lab.

When your new crown is finished, Dr. Tavakkoli will cement it into your mouth. He will examine the fit of the crown to ensure a perfect bite and make any necessary adjustments.

At Nova Dental Partners, we will go over all your options and make sure you understand how each will affect your oral health. We want you to be informed about your choices and confident in the decisions you make regarding your smile.